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Nancy Nenno

Professor, German and Slavic Studies

Address: JC Long, Room 424
Office Hours: Dr. Nenno is on sabbatical for the 2013-2014 academic year
Phone: 843.953.5464


University of California, Berkeley, California
Ph.D., M.A.

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Research Interests

German Cinema history, particularly the transition from silent to sound film

Representation of African Americans in interwar German literature, culture and cinema

Courses Taught

German 325: Contemporary Issues

German 390: The African Diaspora in German-speaking Europe

German 464: 20th century Literature 1900-1945

German 465: 20th century Literature 1945- Present

German 472: Classics of German Cinema

German 490:  CSI Deutschland:  Der Krimi

German 498 : Independent Study in German

Film in Translation: German Film 1919-1945

Film in Translation: Postwar German Cinema

Film in Translation: German Exile Cinema--film noir

Film in Translation: Recent German Cinema (1989-2009)


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