Film Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on the history, theory, criticism of cinema. Special attention is also paid to the study of individual films as important and highly influential works of art, as complex and contested cultural artifacts, and as products of an ever-changing technology circulating within an increasingly globalized marketplace. The Film Studies minor is open to all College of Charleston students in any undergraduate degree program.

Film Studies combines the minor’s core courses offered by the Department of English with courses offered in a wide variety of disciplines within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of the Arts, and the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs.


For a list of course offerings for Fall 2020, click here.

For a list of course offerings for Spring 2021, click here.




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Jesse Berger (CofC ’11) screens his feature film at the Unnamed Footage Festival in San Francisco.
Posted on 25 October 2020 | 4:57 pm
Jesse Berger, an Urban Studies major and Film Studies minor, has been busy since he graduated in 2011. Even while he was completing his studies, Jesse, along with friend and collaborator Nate Mallard, had made a documentary, S.O.B.: The Legend of Alan Shafer, and a feature film, The Republic of Pete (the latter of which won Audience Choice […]
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Schedule of Spring 2021 Film Courses
Posted on 13 October 2020 | 11:28 am
Here’s a preliminary list of courses offered Spring 2021 that will count toward FMST credit. Please check back frequently for updates/changes. Click highlighted text for course description (if available). ENGL 212.03 Cinema: History & Criticism* Dr. Bruns ONLINE ENGL 212.04 Cinema: History & Criticism* Dr. Bruns ONLINE ENGL 212.01 Cinema: History & Criticism* Dr. Glenn […]
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