Program Information


The framework of the minor involves three clusters of courses, each with a different curricular emphasis.

The first cluster provides:

  1. a general introduction to the study of film with a focus on developing critical skills and investigating diverse approaches to analysis; and
  2. an introduction to individual genres, directors, and trends in American cinema.

The second cluster exposes students to:

  1. important and emerging trends in non-traditional and non-American cinema;
  2. the role of cinema in the representation of world cultures; and
  3. the role of cinema in social and political change.

The third cluster allows students to:

  1. develop expertise in one or more areas of specialization; and
  2. understand film within the broader fields of media and visual culture.

Although the Film Studies minor offers students some latitude in defining their own course of study within the framework established by the Department of English, this freedom comes with the responsibility of carefully planning a course of study that is both comprehensive and challenging. Because of the special demands of the Film Studies minor and the diversity of its offerings, current and potential minors are encouraged to consult with the Film Studies advisor on a regular basis.

18 hours total
(6 hours of core courses, plus 12 hours of approved elective courses)